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Advantage law firm is a modern and innovative law firm and we have been active for 12 years. We have our head office in central Stockholm but undertake assignments from all over Sweden and also other parts of the world.

We give you as a client both tips and advice directly from our specialists in legal areas in which we operate.

We guide and represent in various negotiations. We offer services in:

  • Business law
  • Labor law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Tenancy
  • Family law
  • Contract law
  • Migration law

You can also hire us for advice, review and preparation of agreements and in other matters such as real estate purchases, leases, etc. etc.

Our lawyers also lecture for Påhlmans Handelsinstiut in law and train public procurers.

Our business is conducted on the basis of basic core values ​​such as urgency, accessibility and personal service. We handle your case urgently and with the utmost care, we are always available by phone and e-mail. We always make sure to communicate with you regarding what is happening in your case with genuine commitment and personal service.

Our lectures

We offer lectures and seminars in our areas of law. Today, we lecture and train public procurers at Påhlman’s trade institute. We have experience of lecturing to organizations, student unions, schools, care companies, private individuals, entrepreneurs and officials in municipalities and county councils.

Examples of organizations we have lectured for are SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken) Påhlman’s trade institute, the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs, Vårljus AB, Botkyrka municipality, Kista folk high school, Glokala Folkhögskola, studieförbundet Sensus, studieförbundet ABF etc. etc.

We tailor lectures depending on the needs that exist. Above all, you can hire us in the following areas:

  • Public procurement
  • Contract law
  • Labor law
  • Local Government Act
  • The Competition Act
  • Migration law

Welcome to contact us, you can reach us either on 08 20 21 40 or at info @ localhost.


Jur Kand

Jur Kand

Jur Kand

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